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    We have tried many ways of providing a yearly payroll to our employees this is only an example as everyone pays different and I am speaking from my experiences
    if I feel a man is worth 9.00 a hour if it was a 52 week year at 40 hours a week
    his pay would be $12'480.00
    I would add tax to that say 10% to simply math
    then I look at my work season of 40 weeks and the pay out of 13'728.00
    that make the pay $343.20 per week.
    now this is his money as a salary of sorts
    now on the weeks he works 20 hours he brings home 20 hours pay,and 20 hours go to the winter pay, if he works 40 hours he makes the above
    if he works 60 hours he makes the above BUT he also has 20 man hours at $9.00 he collects this winter as a seasons end bonus.

    my point is he makes the 13'728.00 for staying with the company and preforming as I expected and if he works more hours a year then just as the holidays begins he receives his full pay.

    you can not would this bulk winter money as he worked for it and you would be stealing.

    then we changed it in the office , same system just offered it in a different way
    we doubled the regular weekly pay and asked more from our men
    we started doing everything on every stop and made each property look the same, and if NO complaint was made and we billed the full amount then they made double
    one complaint and that job was paid out at base pay, and the failing crew fixed it (Costing them more time, losing more money) and they were treated as No pay for that time.

    our system was developed further to prevent call backs.
    it took several years to change how the men become accountable.
    presently we generally get less then 4 call backs per 1000 invoices delivered.
    The only way this would be legal is if he accumulated time and a half above 40 hours. This is also supposed to be discussed with employees and they are allowed to choose. Holding time for redistribution without the employees consent is illegal.


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