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Employee wont return company truck and 2 mowers...

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  • Employee wont return company truck and 2 mowers...

    Hey everyone!

    So I have an (ex, now) employee that is basically the run of the mill loser! He started off like they all do, worked his butt off, was at work on time every day, even was taking the initiative to repair some minor issues with some of our equipment. For example, I had a small mower that we used just to mow Islands with, I had a minor mechanical problem with it and he took it home and the next day it was fixed and worked great. Wow! Just saved me money, Thanks!! Right??

    I have a big account and we care for 101 homes in one subdivision. For me its a 35 minute drive, one way, to the jobsite. For him, it was a 5 minute drive. So I started letting him drive my other work truck home since we used both trucks every day. It was very convenient! But theeeeeeeen...., the drama started. His wife and him went through some kind of split up, she kicked him out and he went to live with his mother. I was really concerned at first because I really didn't want my truck being used as a personal vehicle and I expressed this to him. But, against my better judgment I continued letting him drive the truck back and forth from his mothers house to the jobsite. Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot!

    Well, over the past few weeks he started missing a day here and there and always had some stellar reason why he had to of missed work. I started to smell something brewing that was no good. This is how it always starts with an employee right before it gets bad.

    I have two other employees besides myself. Last week I went on vacation and I heard from my "good" employee that this guy that I'm referring to was doing a horrible job, cutting corners, and even getting into screaming matches with his wife (or ex, or whatever it is) on the phone, so loud that you could hear him at the opposite end of the street. I knew that when I got back I was gonna have to let him go.

    We start our work week on Tuesday. On Monday I asked him to bring two of the mowers he had that he was going to be working on. I also told him that it was "time for my truck to be serviced" so I was gonna need to "put it in the shop for the day." Smooth huh?? Well it wasn't TOO smooth because he never showed for work, never called or nothing. Could never reach him! It is now Friday, He has still not called or showed up and he has MY TRUCK!! Now granted its my extra truck and not my main one, but still!!

    I know that he has to be getting my text messages, so I sent him a text today and said that if all my stuff was not returned to me by today at 5:00 then I was reporting to the police that it was stolen!!

    I'm pretty sure the guy is on drugs, I think cocaine. He was always kind of spazzy, but my other employee said that the whole week I was on vacation that this guy was acting crazy. To make a long story short, this guy evolved from what seemed to be good ol boy to a crazy nightmare. I've seen this kind of scenario before in the 6 years I have been in business but I never cease to be amazed at the type of employees you can meet in this business.

    Any other suggestion on getting my things back??

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    Sounds simple enough to me, call the police. Report your equipment stolen. Unless I'm missing something.


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      If you know where he originally lived (with his wife), go to that house and talk to his wife. Tell her you want to "nail him". She'll tell you where he's at and anything else you want to know.


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        Do you have an extra set of keys? Can you show up to where he is now and just take the truck back?
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          I'm pretty sure the guy is on drugs, I think cocaine. He was always kind of spazzy, but my other employee said that the whole week I was on vacation that this guy was acting crazy.
          I'd say time is of the essence here, as your stuff is either already gone, or being sold as he needs money for a fix.


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            How did the situation pan out?


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