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  • Movie / Restaurant combination

    Have you ever seen a movie theater where it is also a restaurant? It's a pretty neat concept. Here is a picture to show you what I mean.

    I was contacted by an entrepreneur who had visited one of these facilities and thought it would be great to have one in his area however the startup costs on such a business must be pretty high.

    One of the things I suggested was to get in touch with a local theater. See if you could some how work out a deal with them where you use one of their theaters and you set up maybe folding tables every other row. Then hook yourself up with a local caterer and come up with a few items for your menu. Keep the list small at first and see what works best.

    Each person could take their food in with them as they walk through a buffet line on a tray at first and then they could place their food on the table in front of them when they are not eating.

    Or you could have a staff handle these things and get drinks.

    Then maybe for a few thousand dollars, you can test this experiment out and see how it works. If you like what you see, try expanding it to more theaters and then maybe create one of these buildings yourself.

    You could name the foods to keep with the theme of the movie. Such as an Indy Burger for the Indiana Jones Movie. Etc. Contact the local paper and tell them about this new business concept you are experimenting with.

    I bet you would get some interesting word of mouth for it's uniqueness.

    Check this article out for more information.

    Do you have any thoughts on this?
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