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Pursuing happiness?...Not O.J.

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  • Pursuing happiness?...Not O.J.

    Found guilty on 12 counts.
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    I wonder how long of a sentence he is going to get for this.
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      In the begining of all this, they said he could face up to life.
      Definety not Pursuing happiness.


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        There is something to be learned from all of this, and that is that
        there is something about the system one needs to understand...

        It really doesn't matter whether or not one is found Not Guilty, the fact is that one does not usually find
        oneself in court for no good reason, but regardless of the verdict, afterwards one needs to conduct oneself
        in a very careful manner for some time to come... The length of this period of time depends somewhat on
        the original charges, and to a point of course, publicity.

        In O.J.'s case, after the L.A. verdict there really existed only one solution:
        To go into hiding somewhere far away, and lead a very bland, quiet, boring lifestyle devoid of excitement and spice.
        That is, if anyone in that situation appreciates their freedom at all, the only answer is to never raise any more waves,
        to never attract any further attention to one's persona.

        So, it's about keeping a very low profile.
        In high profile cases, the term of time is really for the rest of one's life, do like a hermit and disappear and don't come back.
        Because it's just going to come around again, so the only question that remains is where does one wish to spend said time?
        And for some to most folks that might seem like one awful tough cookie to chew.
        But it shouldn't be that hard to swallow when the choice is either life on the streets, or life in prison.

        It would appear O.J. didn't fully understand this relatively simple concept.
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