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The reason I haven't been on lately... this sucks alot

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  • The reason I haven't been on lately... this sucks alot

    Guys it's been a lousy week. My kid brother Chris (I am the oldest of 5 boys) was found dead, slumped over in a chair on my mothers back porch monday morning. He was only 27 yrs old. My mother & another brother were sitting out there with him til almost 2 am Monday & he was sober & in a good mood then. He made one phone call on his cell at about quarter after 4 to a friend, and was found at 9:30 am when my mother woke up, he'd been gone for hours already. We believe at this point (pending a toxicology report) that he overdosed on pills. Per the conversation he had with the friend he called, he was deppressed over my fathers passing (almost 2 years ago now), she said he sounded drunk & admitted to taking some methadone.

    I lost one of my brothers, one of my best friends in the world this week. It was senceless, & didn't need to happen. He has struggled with pills before, & saturday night we were all together for the 1st time in a while (all 5 brothers). It's been a while since the less time he fell off the wagon & I thought I saw that stoned look in his eyes then but failed to say anything as I didn't want to create a scene as we were al having a good time hanging out together. Just over 24 hours later he was gone forever. I can't go back & fix it, or say anything to him. I will never bite my tongue when I think a friend or family member may be in trouble again. This time it cost me a brother. If you know someone that parties too much or is into drugs, alot of times they think no one notices & that they are "pulling it off well" so it's not a "big" problem. I never thought my own little brother would dose out like a full blown junkie. But it happened. So do something, say something to that friend who thinks their sneeky, who thinks they've got it "under control". All it takes is one too many ay you'll never see them smile, or hear them laugh again.

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    Chuck, man..I am so sorry to here about that. I'm speachless the only advice I can give is don't blame yourself. Everything happens for a reason, though we may not understand why.keep posting, to let us know how your doing and if you need someone to talk to pm me for my # and fell free to call me when ever dude.


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      Hi Chuck,

      I am very sorry about this happening too.

      You bring up a really good point about drugs and alcohol. Some people are willing to change and some aren't. I don't know the best way to handle these things and the human dynamics change with each person. Some people you feel you can approach and talk to them about the problem, others you don't feel you can.

      You are making me think now how I could say and do so much more.
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        Thank you.


        That's my point here, you have to speak up. Like it or not, even if you lose them as friend, you may help save a life. Better that, than feeling like "I coulda, shoulda, woulda...." Life is too fragile people think they are unbreakable & nothing will ever happen to them. I've known alot of tradgedy & sorrow over the past few years. I say I'd rather be a the dick some drunk or addict doesn't like anymore because I called them out on it, than a friend to a drunk/addict that isn't really a friend at all. A friend will tell you the truth, weather your right or wrong, even if it hurts to hear it. "You need help man & I'm going to help you get it" shows a genuine concern & the fact that somebody cares enough to say it may be enough for them to admit to themselves "yeah, I do".


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          Chuck, I am so very very sorry to hear this has happened to you, a good person. Without going into detail i know, have been there with someone i love very very much. i wish you all the best and i will be praying for you and your family through this tough time.
          Proverbs 16: 3 & 4


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            Chuck, I agree you should always say somthing if a freind is falling down the wrong track, but never take the blame for someone elses choice. I just recently lost a freind to a bad drug habbit. I told time and time again, how I can help him get a buisiness started and keep out of trouble, but he never listened, and now he is going to serve somewhere between 20yrs.-life in prison, becouse of his habbit.
            (this a**hole snatched like 20 purses in a two day span), but anyway even if you do intervine in the end its their choice on what track they want to take.


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              Chuck, when you hurt, we hurt.

              You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

              Speak up if you need anything...or just need to vent.

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                Thank you all for your support.


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