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Oprah getting her own TV network

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  • Oprah getting her own TV network

    I saw this article and thought it was the perfect next step for Oprah. No doubt. I think this will be big and she will be able to extend out her brand by creating new television programming she spins off from her show.

    What's your view? Do you think this is a good move?

    Oprah getting her own TV network - Oprah Winfrey is getting her own TV network.

    Discovery Communications and Winfrey announced a deal Tuesday where the Discovery Health network will be turned over to Winfrey next year, becoming OWN the Oprah Winfrey Network.
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    Not surprised...

    She's the richest women


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      Hi Justin,

      Do you think it will work?

      Are you a fan of her show or her brand? What do you like or dislike about it?
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        I really don't like the idea but she's so rich... it will probably happen

        I personnaly like the Discovery Health channel...alot of good shows on that channel that I like.


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          Oooooooooohhh.. that sucks... I love Discovery Health!


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            I will never watch it again, it will be all down hill from here on out.

            Can't stand Oprah. People think she is behind all this money and she is not, as Rob said "Things aren't always as they seem"

            If it wasn't for the producers and people around her and behind the scenes she would still be a washed up actress.

            Seems she has to put her nose into everything and acts as if she is mighter than all.

            Do you really think she is the one behind all she has her face on? From bad actress to talk show host, to productions, to magazines, to book club (not to mention if you disagree with her views on the book of the week) to broadway shows (flopp) and now network owner?

            Think about this there isn't enough time in a day for one person to think of all this and do everything that needs to be done to carry out all these task. She is no more than a face/name (BRAND) but is made out to appear to be all her doings. It is all about ratings and rankings.

            I don't agree with anything she says or does for the simple fact she is a flip flopper.

            Only 1 point; She had a show about the 101st Army Airbourne out of Ft Campbell, KY and the pregnant Army wifes, gave them all kinds of stuff, cool thing to do, but the show made it seem like she had done it when in fact the producers & sponsors had done it, not her, she made it sound like she is the one shelling out all these big bucks when in fact she is raking in the bucks from dumb people watching a dumb show, keeping show ratings up brings in more sponsors wanting to spend more money and filling her pockets even deeper, all because people think she is the sole responsible party for it all.

            Show me her resume. I want to see it, she is by far no Condoleezza Rice.

            Oprah's resume is probably like those of most actors and actresses such as George Clooney, Martin Sheen, Susan Surandon, Timothy Hutton and the biggest peace of crap of all Micheal Moore at best to mention a few.

            I could go on and on with this. So its more of a rant then anything else, but it burns my rear to think the media attenchen these people get and then we are to believe and follow anything and everything that comes from thier lying mouth just because the media says so or because Oprah says.

            BS I say.

            Charlton Heston is my President! He is a true mans man, fights for what is right and wrong, has no grey, just yes-no-right-wrong end of it. He has been married to Lydia Marie Clark Heston since March 1944, and they have two children. His highly entertaining autobiography was released in 1995, titled appropriately enough "Into The Arena". Although often criticized for his strong conservative beliefs and involvement with the NRA, Heston was a strong advocate for civil right many years before it became fashionable, and has been a recipient of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, plus the Kennedy Center Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2002, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and has not appeared in a film or TV production since 2003 and has stepped down from the NRA as President which he carried longer than any other. He is still the LARGEST spokes person for the NRA ever.

            Truly, Charlton Heston is one of the legendary figures of US cinema and this Great Country we call the Good Ole' US of A.

            Not OPRAH!

            Thanks for reading my rant on this.


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              Tim thank you for your insight.

              I guess the thing that I like about the Oprah Juggernaut is that it exists. In my view it is a model of success. There are many people who just adore Oprah and her show.

              I think there could be more juggernauts like hers for different groups. Oprah has a certain demographic that really enjoys her.

              It seems that not many other entertainers have been able to pull this off. Not to this scale.

              On a smaller scale how about This Old House with Norm Abrams. They have the show, the magazine, The New Yankee Workshop. There is no doubt in my mind if they had a This Old House Network, it would be successful.

              But I don't think This Old House has the emotional connection with the viewing audience that Oprah has. That is possibly why there is such a difference.

              Also, maybe with the Oprah show there are more human stories, people can relate to that more or connect with that more than stories of how a home was improved.

              Any thoughts on this?
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