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GopherHaul 18 - Lawn Care Business Show Released

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  • GopherHaul 18 - Lawn Care Business Show Released

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    GopherHaul 18 - Winter Lawn Care Business Ideas

    In this episode of GopherHaul we discuss winter lawn care business marketing ideas.

    Hello everyone and welcome to Gopherhaul&#33;
    If you haven&#39;t started your business yet, what are you waiting for. If you don&#39;t start your business this year, you&#39;ll be at least 1 year older when you do so get started today&#33;

    GopherHaul is a show for entrepreneurs and new business owners. In it we discuss business tips and tricks we have learned over the years and share with you some real world experiences on how to help your lawn care business or any other business grow.

    In this episode we will be talking about:

    - We added a new section on the forum called Women&#39;s business issues.

    - One of our forum members and entrepreneurs, Sarah did two things this season to really make her business stand out. First off she got out there in the public eye and put herself in her marketing material and second off she has started a toy drive to help collect toys for underprivileged children and promote her business at the same time.

    Read more at this post

    - Rodman and Justin are the winners of the lawn care business holiday cards compliments of

    - Barry sent us some pictures of his newly painted lawn care trailer.

    You can see Barry&#39;s new trailer pics at this link.

    - I am now signed up with Chestin&#39;s Lawn Care Championís Circle. Now I don&#39;t want to give any of his secrets away because he makes his money on teaching but there was an interesting part in one of Chestin&#39;s marketing discussions I wanted to point out. Chestin was talking with one of our forum members Barry and he was telling Chestin how everytime he seems to sign up a new customer, another customer seems to leave so his net gain is zero. Do you ever find this happening as well? Well just to find the answer in this would be well worth you signing up for Chestin&#39;s program. Even if you sign up for a month to simply check it out. You will find an answer on how to deal with this and you might want to stay on for all the new information he posts.

    cott from leisuretimellc found to deal with this

    - Another forum member Scott from leisuretimellc advises business owners to talk to their clients. He had talked to an elderly customer and found out her mowing day is the day before her trash day so he puts out the garbage cans for her and she gives him and extra &#036;25 tip each month to do that. This is how he keeps his customers.

    - Our lawn care business forum member Keith, also made a great seasonal service tip. This tip is especially important for those in the Northern sections of the country. During rainy winter days it is important to keep gutters free of leaves. If gutters are clogged, rain will pool in the gutters. Then, at night when the temperature drops, the water will freeze and back up into the over hangs. This action will damage the overhang allowing more water to enter the woodwork. The wood will rot.

    Once problems begin, repairs can be very expensive. It is important and beneficial for lawn care companies to warn their customers of this potentially damaging problem. A quick &#036;100 gutter job can save the homeowner thousands of dollars down the road.

    We also have created a free flyer for you to promote this service which you can download and edit.

    - If you don&#39;t like heights, maybe consider getting this gutter cleaning robot&#33;;t=6280

    - We also started our outdoor holiday decoration contest so start taking pictures. We have a bunch of prize to give away, check the forum for more info.

    - If you are in need of free marketing material for your lawn care business, please visit our site at We have hundreds of free lawn care logo, flyer, door hanger and web templates you can download and use for your lawn care business. We also have free lawn care business contracts. Also download our trial version of Gopher Lawn Care Business Software. Gopher will help your lawn care business schedule and invoice more customers in less time, allowing you more time to grow or enjoy your life. If you are on myspace send us a friend request. We are located at

    Also please log onto our lawn care business forum and tell us about your business and if you have any business questions, please ask them.
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    That was great steve. Back drop look great, I like that. Also on next gopher haul I want to get Listed, Its starting to take off, Got 5 new vendors on there today. One called me about setting the the review products site. I will have it up before the weekend. I really think this site is going to go somwhere, I had another vendor call me today he said he would promote the site at all the trade shows he will be going to in 2008. He says he attends alot all year long. Im excited with all that is starting to happen with the site. I think its going to be a smashing hit with the Green Industry&#33;


    • #3
      Excellent&#33; Within the next two weeks you should be rockin-n-rollin with your site so when it&#39;s promoted, there will be plenty of content&#33;

      Thanks, for the compliment on the backdrop. That was a lot of fun to create&#33;

      Keep me posted on how everything is going&#33;
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        Always so well done. When I saw that snow at Gopher Haul Studios, I had to get a sweater before I could watch the rest.

        Start a profitable lawn care business.


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          Great episode, Steve&#33; As usual, I really enjoyed it&#33;

          I really need to get with you about some of the effects you do... Jason and I should have our next one out before the weekend&#33; (I HOPE)


          • #6
            Quote[/b] ]Jason and I should have our next one out before the weekend&#33;
            I am looking forwards to it.
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            • #7
              Was surprised when you posted my picture on the video. I knew I had won the cards but I didn&#39;t expect to be show and tell in the video

              Well it&#39;s fun to hear... I am still waiting for those cards to come in...

              I&#39;m hoping tomorrow so i can prepare them and mail them on Monday since it&#39;s getting close to the Holiday season

              Want to thank you for the marketing opportunity you just gave me &#33;&#33;&#33;



              • #8
                You are welcome Justin. I try to make all this fun&#33;

                I am glad we didn&#39;t wait any later to take care of the cards&#33;

                I am looking forwards to seeing what you get&#33;
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