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  • What not to wear

    Have you ever seen the show what not to wear?

    It has been pretty successful. I think part of the reason why is that it takes something like fashion and it uses that as a vehicle to improve a person's spirits.

    Could something similarly be done for lawn care and landscaping?

    Could a makeover be done where you could really turn a bland area into a fun area and make someone happier about their home?

    If so, you could have something to use to promote your business with. You could use it as a tool and position your business as the lawn care operation that really goes out of their way to help community members.

    For instance, if a person was wheel chair bound. Could you make a landscape in the front yard that was more friendly for them ti get in and out of their house?

    Could you videotape it and get it on your website. Could you take that and get it into the newspaper? Could you get products donated to use in the makeover?

    What do you think?
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