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  • Tiger Time Website ideas

    Here are a list of my ideas for the Tiger Time website.

    - have a section called "our story". talk about the entire creation of tiger time lawn care.
    - Tiger Time Girls have a picture page also maybe video of them saying hi and visit my myspace site.
    maybe they can sell their photos and posters and keep the profits in order for them to want to work it more and stay with the business as well as make supplemental income.
    - Maybe have a poster with a bunch of the girls so the same one can be sold by many of them.
    - then maybe smaller pictures of them individually.
    - Show all the images of where tiger time has been shown in the media
    - Create templates for myspace with the tigertime lawn care girls that can be downloaded and used by others people who are fans of them
    - Show the different girls and link to their site.
    - create a short video of the girls saying, "Your lawn will have the best time with Tiger Time" or "If it's time to cut your lawn, it's tiger time" or "When you want the best looking lawn care, it's tiger time." "The "Only the Tiger Time Girls Can make your Lawn look this Great." "When it's time to mow the lawn, It's Tiger Time." or something like that.
    - have a link of products Tiger Time endorses along with pictures and video of the Tiger Time girls using the products.
    - show video interviews, on the website too.
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