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  • Family

    My question is this does anyone have any ideas about family working for you? I am thinking about making a manual with rules and regulations (for both of my sons). Don't get me wrong they are great workers (but they are only 18, 19)I just dont want to have the hassel if something does come up. So we dont run into the whole you never told me I couldn't do that (kinda thing). Does anyone out there do this or have another way they deal with it.

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    My personal feeling on the matter is that family is bad idea. With it being two sons, you know that there will be constant fighting on who does more work, who should get paid more, who should be managing, etc.


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      Every family is different. If there is friction within the home, there will be friction in the work place. If they get along real well at home, chances are they will work well together.

      The survival and growth of your business depends on good employees. If one or both of your sons could or will drag it down, look elsewhere for employees.


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