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Can employees come to your home based business?

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  • Can employees come to your home based business?

    Have you ever checked out your local zoning laws on this? It appears if you have a home based lawn care operation, you can't even have employees come to your home! You have to go and pick them up!

    Have you ever heard of that?

    Lawn care business at his home - In other business, the board denied a request from Wayne Freeman of 1506 Phillips Court S.W. to operate a lawn care business at his home.

    On his application, he wrote that a tractor and two trailers would be stored at his house and other equipment would be stored in buildings on the property.

    He also indicated on the form that an employee would be living in the home.

    Freeman told board members Tuesday that mowers would be stored inside buildings but trailers would be behind the house inside a fence.

    He also said no employees lived with him but sometimes one came to his house.

    City attorney Herman Marks told Freeman that no employee could come even once, according to the city ordinance.

    Freeman told the board that he would go pick up his employee.
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