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Book of the Month - the Tipping Point

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  • Book of the Month - the Tipping Point

    Who here has read the current book of the month, "the Tipping Point"?

    I am currently reading this book's successor, Blink, and it is a fantastic book! I would like to hear everybody's comments on the Tipping Point, as I would not mind making that one of my next reads.

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    I have read it. Malcolm really did a great job putting this book together. What was so interesting about the book is it discussed the lifecycle of a trend. It showed how Hush Puppy shoes were really hurting for business and had been for many many years. Then a small group of trendy kids from SOHO in NYC decided that wearing Hush Puppies, was 'in.' They created this craze for Hush Puppies which spread across the nation and really helped improve business.

    This book opens your mind to the process such trends follow. How they reach this tipping point where the trend becomes a craze and catches fire.

    How have you enjoyed the book Blink?

    What have you liked about it and learned from it thus far?

    How has it helped your business?
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