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    shhhh street racing is illegal It's actually an industrial area and theres only one way in, so the way we go we know theres no cars coming. We try to keep it as safe as possible, the cops don't even bother us because they know most of the guys are older that go down there (30's-40's) and we keep the kids away (I'm the youngest one there at 20, but I have a head on my shoulders unlike alot of the kids that watch the movies and think its fine to race anywhere).

    Heres some pics, first one is the one you saw in the video

    here's my other friend's monte carlo, this was the first shake down pass after we did the suspension and put the new engine in

    Here's some of my car, first one is just mock up body panels, I'm ordering new fenders, fiberglass hood, got a new nose already and trying to locate good doors

    heres some of the cage work I did

    Here's a pic of the mockup engine with the turbo charger in my car, probably going back to a small block so all this mock up was wasted time
    \"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run\"


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      Here's the local clubs video. I'm not in the club yet, but these are all people I know. Alot of fast and nice cars in the club.
      \"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run\"


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        Oh and here are some more pics from an old post.
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