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    Steve My 2 year anniversary was Wednesday. My girlfriend bought me two lawn Care books from the online store. She got me the Big Lawn Care marketing book and GopherHaul Extreme Lawn Care Business Tips. I haven't gotten a chance to read much since i have been doing my term paper but I opened up the GopherHaul Extreme Lawn Care Business Tips and started reading it. Couldn't put it down. Page after page I kept turning. I was like Ok i'll stop on page 20... page 20 came and gone. I kept saying ok i'll stop here and just kept going. I am on page 45 and had to force myself to put it down. I could hardly keep my eyes open since reading makes me tired no matter what. It doesn't help that i didn't sleep as late as i wanted to this rainy morning. I also caught myself reading but not really reading. I read an idea that was amazing and continued to read but wasn't paying attention. All i could think about was that idea i read. It a great book steve! I recommend anyone who hasn't read any of these reads atleast one! They have more information than you can imagine!
    Thanks Steve!

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    Thanks so much!
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      When I first got into this business I bought the "How to get lawn customers Books Vol 1 & 2 and they both have a wealth of information in them, both good reads.


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