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How to get lawn care customers Vol.3

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  • How to get lawn care customers Vol.3

    The GopherHaul guide on how to get customers for your landscaping and lawn care business - Volume 3 is now available.

    Anyone can start a landscaping or lawn care business but the tricky part is finding customers. This book will show you how.

    Coming up with marketing and service ideas to keep busy and profitable all year long can be difficult. Most of the times we are just not in the mood to sit and think up creative ways to make more money.

    Now you donít have to get frustrated when trying to come up with new ideas. Just keep this book around as a reference. Some of these ideas might just work right off the shelf while others might need to be altered to fit your needs. Ultimately itís always better to have ideas on stand by just in case.

    This book is the third in a series of lawn care business marketing books I have published and contains lawn care marketing ideas cherry picked from previous content I have written as well as new unpublished material.

    Dream it, Build It, Gopher It!

    Order this book online here. Also available on
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