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Top 10 Franchises for 2006?

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  • Top 10 Franchises for 2006?

    Entrepreneur magazine put out it's top 10 franchises for 2006. I am not sure what they based this on. Maybe in store growth?

    I had talked with an entrepreneur who bought into one of these franchises and it was rough. Long hours and little money. On top of that there was little way for him to be creative in his marketing. The franchise HQ controlled all of this and they want to limit what each owner can do.

    After a year into owning this one store, he had heard of another one going out of business in a nearby town so he bought into that one. Now he had two stores and he was losing money.

    The stress got so bad he lost all his hair. He told me the medical term for this and said it can happen when you are under enormous amounts of stress. He doesn't think the hair will ever grow back.

    He has since sold off the money losing store to a new entrepreneur who wanted to make a go of it and now focuses his energy on just one store. These franchises can be rough.

    Do you know anyone who owns one of these franchises? If so what has been their view on the business?

    Entrepreneur MagazineTop 10 Franchises for 2006
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