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Question About the Free Mowing to Gain Business

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  • Question About the Free Mowing to Gain Business

    Hi guys,

    I was looking at the free fliers and seen some of them were giving away free mowing for the 1st time and then talk to the customer about starting up a service.

    Does this REALLY work

    I don't have the warm and fuzzies about it but if it works, then I'll give it a try.

    Thanks for the help,

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    I think its a marketing strategy when you are first getting started and you badly want to be out there doing. Offering the first mowing free is an ice breaker and allows you to leverage your time to develop your business. If you have more time than money at the moment, its a strategy to experiment with.

    If you have more money than time at the moment you should try and leverage your money and save your time.

    It is a risky concept but ultimately all you have to lose is 1 free mowing. That's not really that bad when you are getting started and it will get your business gears turning.

    What other marketing ideas have you been thinking about?
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      I am looking to hear from guys that have actually tried this and what the out come was. I want to hear what their experiences were when trying this. Sounds ok in theory but does it work in the real world?

      From the look of the replies to this thread, I get the feeling that no one has gone this route.


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        Here is my input.

        Give the free mowing, but let's say you charge $80.00/month, each cut is worth $20.00 then


        Make sure they pay you $60.00, up front = no losses & your guaranteed work for the month (at least) right?

        No one wants to lose, and you shouldn't with this tactic.


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          Scott, that sounds like the ticket. I would rather hand out a flyer with that tactic.

          I guess I should have posted the flyer that I was talking about to begin with:

          One other thing about using this flyer is that you would have to target houses that
          actually have lawns that need to be cut at the time you hand them out.
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            I have mixed thoughts!

            I love the flyer!

            I would not mention that you are a new company, People could be afraid to use a new company.

            I would just say something like.
            (I have accounts in your area and would like to give you a sample of our great work) something like that.

            This just my thoughts, but I do think that is a great way to grab new accounts.

            Artie Crowley


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