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  • Would you have liked to do this

    Would have liked to do this? Or maybe even run one of these?

    This just looks like so much fun! It makes you wonder how much you could have learned if you went to one of these camps. It also looks like a blast to run! Can you imagine how much you could teach these kids?

    Business Week - Camp for Tomorrow's Moguls
    You're never too young to learn how to run a business. Summer may be just the time to take the first step

    Why play Xbox when you can build a business? That is 15-year-old John De Angelis' philosophy. He has started charging residents of his small Iowa town to sell their unwanted products on eBay (EBAY) and to convert their VHS tapes to DVDs. Both ventures started as weeklong summer projects for the Jacobson Entrepreneurship Camp and garnered $1,800 in profits over the past two years.

    "What America needs right now are small-business owners and great entrepreneurs. Some people think kids are too young and can't start a business, but they can," asserts De Angelis.
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