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    A lot of your success with this would come from marketing to your social network at first. Handing out business cards to your friends and family. Having your website address on your truck so when you are working on jobs, others can see your address. Also as it was talked about in this post or another Andy had started, he has 7 different postcards designed to hand out to people based on the most common jobs he picks up.

    If he sees an overgrown lawn, he will stop and hand out a mowing postcard to the homeowner. If he sees a pile of topsoil or rocks in a yard that needs to be spread, he has another card for that. You could even have one for stump grinding or any other service.

    Once the word gets out a bit about your business, it tends to reach a critical mass moment where you don't have to do anything further and people will still find your site from word of mouth and seeing you around town.

    Does this help?
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      Thanks Steve!

      First and foremost, thanks for being such a great website host! To see the actual guy (you) respond to all of the great folks out here is really encouraging. Its not all the common to see the top man doing that so THANK YOU Steve!

      Well, some of that is helpful. The part about having 7 different post cards or business cards is a good idea. I'm using a "one size fits all" printed sheet right now, but it sounds like being more specific is a better idea. The other things you mentioned (handing out cards to friends/family, website on pickup, etc.) I'm already doing. I also have a banner that is 8'x2.5' made by Vista Print that I have in my front yard. I live on an acreage outside of town, but on a very busy connector road. I probably need a smaller one to put up on each job site I'm on. How much success do people have with Google adds? Is it cost effective? The more I read on the threads, the more I learn or validate my own thoughts, but I find myself in an ever increasing, competitive market. I'll keep reading. Thanks again!


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