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    I think the bail outs were & are BS. Surival of the fittest. If they can't offer a viable service/product at a fair price & keep overhead low enough to make a profit then they are bound to go down in flames with or without or trillions of dollars. The free market decides who suceeds & who fails. Let em' burn out without our kids money in their pockets.
    I agree with you. I feel like I am a capitalist at heart but when I heard some of the view on why AIG needed to be saved in order so all the customers didn't find that they were no longer insured, I can only imagine that would have been very devastating to many.

    I do hope our government gets it's money back from the sale of it as it is parted out.

    The bigger question I have is, if it was too big to fail, why was it allowed to exist? The anti trust forces were all over Microsoft when they bundled a browser in their operating system but really so what? In this case we have these super companies like AIG who are build on sand and when they collapse they take the economy down? Why wasnt that company broken up a while ago?
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