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  • American Inventor on ABC?

    Has anyone seen the American Inventor on ABC? It's similar to American Idol except these are inventors. I caught the second half of the show tonight. The 4 judges decided on 12 finalists who each received $50,000 for their invention. Then 1 will be chosen in the near future to win $1 million.

    Some of the designs were ok and most weren't that great. The one thing that I thought made the show bad was that every inventor had to have a tear-jerking moment. Some sad story about their lives. It really seemed like it was too much. It's an invention show so why do they have to turn it into a drama? Why all the sad family stories? In the background, a song was playing with the lyrics 'you lift me up ........' then the camera would show the slow motion crying.

    Did you see the show? Did they just go over the top with the drama or what?
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