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    In another post myrlin had brought up their previous business was a laundromat business

    I had talked with another LCO in the past who had bought one. myrlin, let me know if your experiences were similar or different.

    The LCO I spoke with had said they initially got into the business because they were sold on the idea it was easy to run and generated a lot of money with little man power needed. Once they got into it, they quickly realized the business require constant supervision. Machines were always breaking down. Machines were constantly being damaged and broken into at night. The store was burglarized many times. To be convenient for the customers, the store had to be open for long hours each day. They couldn't trust their employees with the money so they had to open and close the business each day.
    After a while it wore them out and it was sold.

    How did your experience compare or contrast?

    Would you recommend getting into this business to anyone?
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