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What is the farthest you have drove for one customer?

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    Chuck this is a very good point. I was wondering, since you have done a bunch of marketing with your picture on it, have you ever had potential customers say they have seen you in the ad or are they referring to your truck / trailer / logo ?
    This is why I want to put logos on my truck and trailer. I plan to get magnets for my truck and finish getting letters on my trailer


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      Well they are talking more about name & tuck recognition at that point, Though all my business cards (magnets) have my picture on them. I have had one guy (now a customer) called me. As memory serves he said something like:
      "Yeah Chuck I met you in a grocery store 6 months ago & you gave me your card, My old lawn guy pissed me off & I had to fire him last week. Then I sat down & thought damn now I gotta find a new guy. Then I remembered that I had your card & the fridge & I thought well, I been lookin' at your ugly mug everytime I got a glass of milk or a beer for the last 6 months so I figured I'd give ya a try".


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        Hey guys,

        I get the same comments when i go to see a new client. Oh you are them. I see your truck and trailer everywhere. The sign is on the side of the trailer.
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          I love the trailer picture. Thanks for sharing it! How much did it cost to put that together and how is it working out for you so far? I think you are giving a lot of new lawn care business owners some ideas on what they should do.
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            The trailer was my grandpa's and he used it to pull behind his motorhome for extra stuff and to haul his kodiac boat with him. When i got it it was a short sided trailer. I bought 4 sheets of think plywood for the sides. I welded a frame for the ramp in the back and attached the ramp to the trailer with heavy duty detatchable hinges. In all it maybe would of cost me150-200 dollars. Just so you know i haven't done any maintenance on the sides since i built it. So it has paid for itself. To start off you don't need a trailer at all. My first job i was working with just my truck alone. It worked to get the job done. I had to load and unload the tools if i had a hauling job but it still got the job done.

            Sometimes you have to do what you can with what you have until the ideas are exhausted. Then it gives you the apportunity to show people that you don't need to have the expensive toys to run a profitable bisiness. Also it shows you have determination to suceed with what you are given.



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