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  • Refer a Friend Program

    Now I personally have always in the past used a $25 referral credit to customers that refers a friend, family, etc. that uses my services. Now I recently saw that TruGreen has a $30 referral bonus, but this is if only the customer signs up for an annual program.

    What should I use?

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    Use what you want to use. I almost did a $60 dollar referral bonus for the current customer and $25 towards the new customer, but I decided that was giving away too much. I'm doing $30 now with $20 to the new customer.
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      Just a thought.

      Is there something you could give away for free like flowers or something like that? Planted or potted? Something that would be a nice gift to the person referring and to the person being referred?

      Could the person referring give a free lawn analysis to their friend?

      Something that wouldn't take away from profits on the core service?
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        I am actually thinking about an idea of giving something away...I will get back with you about it, it could be something really cool that so far I have not seen anyone else do or think of


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