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  • How to break into the industry

    Quote[/b] ]Hi ritchiem,

    Do you have suggestions for a newer business trying to break into the marketplace?

    What do you feel is the best way to go about this?
    This is a wonderful industry we all work in, and a very competitive one, and someone new to it needs to take the right steps. The majority of LCO's have come into the industry as a 'career change'. Some with no experience, but perhaps cutting their own lawn or the neighbors. The first thing I would recommend is to get educated in the industry. Anyone can push a lawn mower, or weed a garden. But do you know;

    - How much to cut
    - When to cut and when not to
    - The types of grass you deal with
    - Watering and bylaw restrictions
    - What types of weeds you are pulling
    - What types of fertilizers to use and when
    - Plant ID
    - Insects and disease

    Those are just some of the areas that you need to know. Now I know that most people have learnt all of that through experience. But wouldn't you rather have the upper hand? Especially that you are new to the industry? A company that can offer the answers as well as the service is key. I have seen companies out there buy all new equipment, spend thousands on marketing and get a client list well over 1000...just to go out of business the following year. Simply because they could not provide what their clients needed to know.

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    Hi ritchiem,

    I feel there is also a huge void in business knowledge. Most of us never get any training in how to run a business. Or build a business.
    Now as a new business owner you are hit with a double whammy. You don't know much about the service you are providing and then you don't know much about business.
    You had better hope you have positive cash flow to allow yourself some breathing time to learn this or the ship will sink.
    Don't be afraid to experiment either. So often we get on a course we feel is the only way to do things and it isn't until it's too late that we find this was the wrong path.

    My next question is, how did you all go about learning about business? Who or what was your best teacher?
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