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    So, if you charge a seasonal rate of lets say 150.00 mnth. Your telling me at 2" of snow to come out shovel it or use your plow plus sidewalks, patio's steps. And you do that 5 times that month you made money?. Next month a blizzard comes in and throughout this month your there 8 times your making money???

    Please explain to me how you just paid for your gas, helpers, equipment failures, etc... paid your mortgage, insurance, light and phone bill...because I dont see it. Not saying your not I just dont see how your making money unless you count in the factor of the next few months there wasnt any snow. Somewhere in the middle of that your sucking air and takeing a loss. 30 accounts is great at 150 a month. but when its 10" of snow 4x out of the month I dont see how your making a profit here. Can you help me understand?


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      You charge by the push. I don't know any contractor in my area charging by the season. Plowing snow is not like cutting grass. You don't know how much or how often it's going to snow. 2-5" lowest price, 6-10" price increases $6.00, over 11" or more price goes up $12.00 per push.


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        Well.. In Toronto from what i can remember i went out aprox 20 times all season. I charge an amount per season + salt. Alot of my money is made off the salt also, I'll use last season for example.. from mid February until the end of the contracts which is April 15 i only went out once or twice from what i can remember off the top of my head. So i'm sitting at home making $$...
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