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12 million people....

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  • 12 million people....

    As many as 12 million people living in the country illegally.

    Congress is considering the following:

    * Erecting a fence on the Mexico border to deter illegal immigration.
    * Treating people who sneak across the border as felons to be deported.
    * Allowing foreigners to stay in the country legally as custodians, dish washers, construction workers and other low-paid employees.
    * Allowing those working in the U.S. a path to citizenship.
    * Requiring them to get in line behind everyone else back in their home countries who want to become Americans.

    Is this a good direction for our country to go or a bad one and why?

    How would this effect your business?
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    This is my personal opinion on the matter:

    If they are here illegally, then they should be treated illegally. I feel that anybody that crosses the border or hire illegalls should be fined and/or jail time. We really need to start cracking down.

    Heck, my wife went through the legal process with her immigration and took almost 2 years before she got her green card and was allowed to work, and she's Canadian. Why should Mexicans be allowed to come across and start working right away? Maybe my wife should have been a Mexican.


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