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  • Think of yourself or the community

    This is kind of a run off from sponsering a local sports team, such as a little league team.

    Do you or should you always look for a payback when sponsering sports teams, participating in local charities, or being involved with another type of community project?

    Sure, you want to feel good by sponsering a team, but shouldn't you also except something in return by the means of potential customers? Is that right or wrong to think that way?

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    That is a very interesting question.

    As the head of your company, you are responsible for it's survival. You should be concerned with everything you invest in, whether it be in time or money, to make sure you get a return on your investment. If you aren't concerned with such issues, you are giving your company's interests the back seat.

    Other's may disagree with me on this point.
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