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Keeping Employee's In The Off-Season

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  • Keeping Employee's In The Off-Season

    I know it's hard to re-hire an employee once they've been laid off. Being new to this, I don't know how busy we will be during the Winter. Does anyone have advice on maintaining employee's year around (especially the good ones)?
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    I would say, one it really depends on how busy you are now, & how are your clients set up? Year round? Seasonal? per service?
    Where are you located?
    If you do clean up jobs, landscaping, or other work... Start now to organize a strong advertising campaign to existing, previous, & new customers for those services. Offer discounts for fall clean ups etc.
    It can be done. I know a lco here in my area that swears December is his best month every year. Year after year. Crazy because december was horrible for me!? but it's all in how you approach it. I'll tackle it a bit different this year too.
    GOOD LUCK, hope this helps!


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      Hire university students, then you'll never have to worry about what your employees are going to be doing in the off season!

      Although, when you live up north, the season is much shorter, so the 4 month break from school works a little better.


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        Hi Gary,

        I was just responding to another one of your posts on holiday lighting. I think it's a great way to keep your employees busy all year round. There are a ton of outdoor decoration ideas you could implement all year long which would help you sell Christmas decorations at the end of the year too.

        Tell me more about your plans on this.
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          Thanks to everyone for the advice. Chuck, I had not really considered planning my advertising for fall this early, but I think it's a good idea. We take most any yard job: leaf removal, storm cleanup, brush removal, bushhogging, leveling, etc. As we meet our goals we may become more selective.

          Thanks Again
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