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  • Candles to jumpstart interest

    I was talking with a friend today and he brought up a pretty neat idea. He suggested getting small candles and giving them out with flyers. I guess a local candle shop has small candles that smell like fresh cut grass.

    I think this could be a possibilty to work at the moment since the sun has been out and it looks great but you go outside and its still 30-35 degree's only. If people would actually light them they might start to think more spring and you could potentially get the jump start on other companies.

    So what does everyone think, think it'll work or not? I just wanted to see what others thought, this might go down next year and try to put advertising out when its alot colder out, try and brew some interest early. If you wanted to get really creative, talk to the candle shop and advertise for them if they supply the candles!
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    Hi kc2006,

    I like the idea. It's very creative. Maybe the candle could be put in a glass jar? and then have a sticker on it with your company name?
    I am just trying to come up with an idea how to tie it together.
    What are some times when you would light a candle throughout the year?

    How about something like for veteran's day? Maybe light a candle in remembrance?

    Can you think of other ideas?
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