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Web Hosting for Lawncare Businesses

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  • Web Hosting for Lawncare Businesses

    For several years I have also owned a web hosting business and will make this offer to any Lawncare/Landscaping business.

    I will host your web site on my servers for $99.00 per year

    What's included:

    No Setup Fees
    Your Domain Name (i.e.
    500 MB Web Space
    5000MB Bandwith Transfer
    Unlimited Sub Domains
    Unlimited Email Accounts
    Unlimited Mailing Lists
    Unlimited Autoresponders
    cPanel Web Control Panel
    Fantastico Deluxe
    FrontPage Extensions
    and much more....

    If you think this is something you would be interested in, visit my hosting site at or email me at for more info.

    I can also help with website design.
    Quality Web Hosting

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    Many times we have seen users from this forum get their website hosted on Could you tell us how your service compares with them?
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      Very good question!

      One of the major differences is the amount of control and flexability that you have with our servers. I would also say that alot of the features that we include in our packages are often addons with other providers such as Godaddy.

      You would have to do a comparison of both companies to determine the exact differences, but I will list some of these below.

      Our control panel allows you to setup and change virtually anything related to a web site.

      A screenshot of the control panel can be found at

      With Fantastico Deluxe you can add several different scripts i.e.

      b2evolution (
      Nucleus (3.22)
      pMachine Free (2.3)
      WordPress (2.0)

      Drupal (4.6.5)
      Geeklog (1.3.11sr1)
      Joomla! (1.0.7)
      Mambo Open Source (4.5.3h)
      PHP-Nuke (7.8)
      phpWCMS (1.1-RC4 Rev. A)
      phpWebSite (0.10.2)
      Post-Nuke (0.760)
      Siteframe (3.1.9)
      Typo3 (3.8.0)
      Xoops (

      Customer Support:
      Crafty Syntax Live Help (2.12.7)
      Help Center Live (2.0.6)
      osTicket (1.3.1) (website)
      PerlDesk (2.25) (Commercial, needs license)
      PHP Support Tickets (1.9)
      Support Logic Helpdesk (1.2)
      Support Services Manager (1.0b)

      Discussion Boards:
      phpBB2 (2.0.19)
      SMF (1.0.5 [Patched-1])

      CubeCart (3.0.8)
      OS Commerce (2.2 MS2 (051113))
      Zen Cart (1.2.6d)

      FAQMasterFlex (1.1)

      ViPER Guestbook (1.2 FINAL)

      Image Galleries:
      4images Gallery (1.7.1)
      Coppermine Photo Gallery (1.4.2)
      Gallery (2.0.2)

      Mailing List:
      PHPlist (2.10.2)

      Polls and Surveys:
      Advanced Poll (2.03)
      phpESP (1.7.5)
      PHPSurveyor (0.99)

      Project Management:
      PHProjekt (5.0)
      dotProject (2.0.1)

      Site Builders:
      Soholaunch Pro Edition (4.8.5 r8) (Commercial, needs license)
      Templates Express

      PhpWiki (1.2.10)
      TikiWiki (1.9.2)

      Other Scripts:
      Dew-NewPHPLinks ( SEF w/Thumbshots)
      Moodle (1.5.2 [Patched-1])
      Noah’s Classifieds (1.3)
      Open-Realty (2.1.5)
      phpAdsNew (2.0.7)
      PHPauction (2.1)
      phpFormGenerator (2.09c)
      WebCalendar (1.0.2)

      The scripts above can be utilized to make a very professional web site.

      I also have to say that our customer support is more than above average, I cannot compare the differences between us and Godaddy as I have never used thier service.

      We work very hard to provide our clients with as much help as possible and are very quick in responding to support requests.

      We are a smaller company than Godaddy and provide a more one on one approach to support we do not have a room full of "so called" tech support staff who go down a list of canned fixes for your described problem as alot of hosting providers do.

      I hope this helps to answer your question, if you still need more detail let me know and I will be happy to provide the best answer I can.

      Quality Web Hosting


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        Great information.

        If an lco needs help setting up one of our webtemplates, how much would it cost to get their site customized to include their text and logo?
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          That would really depend on how intense the customization requested. A simple integration of a logo (provided by client) and text that was provided in a text file for placement on the different web pages should be minimal in price, say $30 - $40.

          The difference would be if I would have to use Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks or some other program to create the graphics.

          I have looked at some of the templates that you offer for download and provided that you include .psd files in all of the templates, editing them for customization it pretty easy.

          Being that it is still the off season here in Indianapolis, I have more time to create and edit web sites. Otherwise I have to depend on the other individuals who work with me in the web hosting business.

          P.S. If you are the designer of the templates, I might suggest including a .css file to make changes to the complete template easier. What I mean is that each time you change the color of text or background or whatever, you have to go in and change it on every page. With a stylesheet you change everything globally. Also, I assume that you are using Photoshop to create images, since you include .psd files. Another idea would be to cut the front page into slices and save it as a layout page to make editing easier. Just an idea!

          Quality Web Hosting


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            Quality Web Hosting


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              Hi MIRACLELAWN,

              Have you considered making some web templates we could offer here and in the links page, put your company information?

              That might drive more business your way.
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                That is an idea, but I am much better at editing web templates than designing them but I might give it a try.
                Quality Web Hosting


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