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What motivates people to buy?

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  • What motivates people to buy?

    People make purchases for these, among many reasons:

    1. To make more money * even though it canít buy happiness
    2. To become more comfortable, even a bit more
    3. To attract praise * because almost everybody loves it
    4. To increase enjoyment * of life, of business, of virtually anything
    5. To possess things of beauty * because they nourish the soul
    6. To avoid criticism * which nobody wants
    7. To make their work easier * a constant need to many people
    8. To speed up their work * because people know that time is precious
    9. To keep up with the Joneses * there are Joneses in everybodyís lives
    10. To feel opulent * a rare, but valid reason to make a purchase
    11. To look younger * due to the reverence placed upon youthfulness
    12. To become more efficient * because efficiency saves time
    13. To buy friendship * I didnít know itís for sale, but it often is
    14. To avoid effort * because nobody loves to work too hard
    15. To escape or avoid pain * which is an easy path to making a sale
    16. To protect their possessions * because they worked hard to get them
    17. To be in style * because few people enjoy being out of style
    18. To avoid trouble * because trouble is never a joy
    19. To access opportunities * because they open the doors to good things
    20. To express love * one of the noblest reasons to make any purchase
    21. To be entertained * because entertainment is usually fun
    22. To be organized * because order makes lives simpler
    23. To feel safe * because security is a basic human need
    24. To conserve energy * their own or their planetís sources of energy
    25. To be accepted * because that means security as well as love
    26. To save time **** because they know time is more valuable than money
    27. To become more fit and healthy **** seems to me thatís an easy sale
    28. To attract the opposite sex * never undermine the power of love
    29. To protect their family * tapping into another basic human need
    30. To emulate others * because the world is teeming with role models
    31. To protect their reputation * because they worked hard to build it
    32. To feel superior * which is why status symbols are sought after
    33. To be trendy * because they know their friends will notice
    34. To be excited * because people need excitement in a humdrum life
    35. To communicate better **** because they want to be understood
    36. To preserve the environment * giving rise to cause-related marketing
    37. To satisfy an impulse * a basic reason behind a multitude of purchases
    38. To save money * the most important reason to 14% of the population
    39. To be cleaner * because unclean often goes with unhealthy and unloved
    40. To be popular * because inclusion beats exclusion every time
    41. To gratify curiosity **** it killed the cat but motivates the sale
    42. To satisfy their appetite * because hunger is not a good thing
    43. To be individual * because all of us are, and some of us need assurance
    44. To escape stress * need I explain?
    45. To gain convenience * because simplicity makes life easier
    46. To be informed * because itís no joy to be perceived as ignorant
    47. To give to others * another way you can nourish your soul
    48. To feel younger * because that equates with vitality and energy
    49. To pursue a hobby * because all work and no play etc. etc. etc.
    50. To leave a legacy * because thatís a way to live forever

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