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should i take on more lawns?

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  • should i take on more lawns?

    I currently have 83 weekly mowing accounts and am getting multiple (10+) calls per day for estimates. I would like to keep taking new accounts but my limit with a single crew has reached its peak. Would it be wise for me to add a second crew? I really don't want to pay two more people full time wages, but the work keeps coming so it might be worth it. I'm bringing in just about $4k a week with the mowing accounts (the 83 I currently have).

    What I am thinking is, start a second crew. Take about 20-25 more lawns and break the total in half. First crew mows half and the second crew mows half.

    I already have 2 guys working with me full time, and a few other's are part time and help with my landscaping work. I moved 194 yards of mulch in 3 weeks!!

    I don't know what to do... Should I stop now or keep um coming??

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    I would take on all you can and just add employees as you go and find the need for them. If you are getting that many calls every day for estimates it sounds like you are doing really well and could add the help as the work comes in. Good Luck!!!


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      Sounds like all that Hard Work You've Done is Now Paying Off! You are Now Getting What You Deserve.

      If the work is there, definitely hire another Crew!

      These are just my thoughts & Mine Only.

      Try testing the New Jobs (All of them) coming in & Raise Your Prices on Your Services!

      You Know, just a 10% to 20% Raise & see how it works? Keep track of New Bids that you are awarded & see how you do getting the New Jobs at the Higher Price?

      If you are getting that kind of Volume of Bids & New Work, it appears they are sold on You....

      So Get Paid for it!

      Look Like a Pro, Act Like a Pro, Work Like a Pro & then You Will Get Treated & Paid Like a Pro!


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        Yea, I'd go for it if the work is available! Why not!


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