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    I figured I'd ask here since theres alot of very knowledgable people here when it comes to marketing.

    When it comes to flyer design, do you feel color is important? Or do you feel a nicely laid out black ink on white or color paper flyer will sell just as good?

    Last year I put out a black ink green paper flyer and got poor results, I account this to the fact that I started late and these flyers went out about 2 months too late.

    This year I'm thinking of going with another black ink on a different color paper, or going with a green/black ink on white paper. I would use the #2 free flyer from the site here (Thanks gopher) if I go green/black. I was also going to research what colors give people the impulse to spend money (vegas style advertising). Just for the heck of it I thought I'd see how that would have an impact. Oh and I got a price already for printing. 16,000 b&w flyers is $365, two color is $560.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hi kc2006,

    This is something that is very interesting. So often we want to create the best looking, full of color, glossy advertisement we can afford. But we have to question who are target audience is and what they want. Are they looking for top-notch spare no expense service or a good service at a cheap cost?

    It appears all too often they are looking for cheap cost. The more flair the advertisement includes, the more they think the service will be expensive and ultimately they will be turned off.

    With all that said you are asking if you should go with b&w or 2 color.

    Ideally I would say try both as a test. See which give you the best return, then next year you will know more.

    If you think your customers are looking for cheap service, give them a flyer that would promote you being affordable. Go with the black & white.

    Beyond the colors, remember you also have other elements to consider. What kind of offer are you presenting to them? All these elements effect the outcome. So often there are sooo many elements involved, we just don't know why a design worked, but if it works all we know is it worked. That is why there is so much testing involved with marketing. Try two things. Find the one that worked. Then alter that one a bit and try another new design to compare it to. Then repeat the process, over and over again.

    Does this help you? What are you thinking after reading this.

    Please anyone else feel free to jump in as well.
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      Since there are so many variables involved in marketing I think the closest way to having a fairly close compairson would be to send out 50% b&w and 50% two color flyers.

      I'll be sending out 16,000 this spring, they're going to my town only, all of the areas are fairly close in income (I would say cheapest homes they would be going to is 100K all the way up to 200K which is the average working upper middle class size homes around here). Like I said, the only way to level the playing field would be to send out 8000 b&w and 8000 two color. If i send 16K out now and then 16K out later, I could of possibly missed the "window" for advertising time with the second batch.

      After I see the results each flyer would bring in I could then make the choice on which to go with after that. I'd probably send out a second batch 2-3 weeks later just to see if I could pick up more business then.
      \"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run\"


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        Can you send out a 50-50 mailing the same time? Maybe separate them geographically, so if someone calls from one area you know which flyer they were sent?
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          I'm not sure about sending them geographically. This is the first time I'm having them inserted in the local paper. I figured I'd just have a little code at the bottom for when people call I can ask what the number is on the bottom of the flyer.
          \"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run\"


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            While there may be some value to selecting one color over another, I'd say you're better off focusing your time and attention on 1) picking the right 'targets', and 2) delivering a powerful message.

            You'll have much better bang for your marketing buck if you can make sure you're delivering your flyers to people that are qualified and interested in your service. It sounds like you have a good feel for the type of homes in the particular areas you've chosen, which is a good start. Perhaps you could do a little research and try to find out what other companies are servicing the area, then find out as much as you can about those companies. What services do they offer? What's their marketing message? What are their service policies? Knowing this information will help you create a powerful message that gets you business.

            The next key is delivering a powerful marketing message to these prospects. Try to find out what their needs are or what motivates them to buy, then tell them how you fill that need. Speak to them about them and their wants. Tell them how they'll benefit from choosing you.

            As for the testing, TG's right on point. I would suggest creating 2 different flyers. Make them identical except for one element. Testing is only effective when it's tightly controlled, so I don't suggest doing 2 different flyers, one with color and one without, plus each one with a different headline. That really doesn't give you much information because flyer A could do better because of the color or it could do better because of the headline. You really wouldn't know.

            Also, you're right on target as well by including a code on each flyer as an identifier.

            Finally, if you're working with the local paper, they should be able to segment the inserts based on a particular area. They can get pretty sophisticated so I'd speak with the rep and ask them what they can do for you.


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              Have you done any searches on the web regarding customer psychology and color? I would recommend this I think there is some merit to this, for instance did you know the color blue evokes feelings of strength, and honesty? Green is associated with nature the pastoral and general well being, however overusing green can bring about feelings of envy and jealousy.
              The very first busines plan I did for a marketing class while in college, I used all blue fonts. I don't know for sure if it helped or not but I did get an A on the plan. These are just some of the things I look for to give me an edge, things a competitor might not even know or look for.


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                Here is an interesting site that deals with this.
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                  I have full color door hangers that work decent, but the best response I have gotten is on my black/white on yellow paper aeration flyer. I add a price to this and that might be the reason though. I charge by the sq. ft with a minimum and this is stated on the flyer. The headline reads Aerations $60* Then at the bottom it states that this price is up to 5,000 sq ft and each additional 1,000 sq. ft will be $xx.xx. It also states things like price may very depending on gates etc.

                  I am going to test the pricing idea this year By passing out B/W on yellow paper flyers for weekly maintenance with starting prices on them. I am using the 12 month price to make the price appear lower then normal. But I would say that this shows either way that the customer doesn't care about the color as long as the message gets through to them.

                  I would also think it would depend on the way the ad is being delivered. You wouldn't want to use B/W ads being delivered in a value pack with a bunch of nice color ads.


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                    The other thing to consider is cost. If you deliver the right message you can cut your cost of obtaining a customer in 1/2. You could then use this saved money by offering the customer something for free. Lets say a full color ad is going to end up costing you $200 per gained customer. But a B/W ad with the right message will cost $100 per gained customer. Use a good portion of that saved $100 and reinvest it into the customer by giving away something they can't resist (creating the right message). Go beyond the usual 1 free cut and offer a free fert, or aeration up to 5k sq ft.

                    This will obtain the most customers in the least amount of effort. In reality your not losing any money by giving the customer something. Your just redirecting your advertising dollars. You will save money on the amount of flyers needed and the labor involved delivering them.

                    This ideal works best if you are targeting small areas and want to gain the most customers in that area. If you are going to blanket the town with flyers then obviously you would save as much money on print and labor. You would still lower your cost by attracting more customers though.


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                      Thanks for the suggestion guys.

                      Soupy, I like your idea of putting a minimum price using 12 month pay.
                      \"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run\"


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                        We do our flyers on color paper using black ink. Cheaper than using color ink and still catches the eye. I like the dividing payment plan over 12 months. If you use contracts that would probaly work great. Most people would rather pay a little each month and still get the same service.


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