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Recommended Reading for Structuring Your Company

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  • Recommended Reading for Structuring Your Company

    This question comes to us from Bob of Pfeifferhorn Farms.

    I have been running my landscape construction business on the side since 1998 after hours; I am ready to go full time. What would you recommend me reading to structure my company properly?

    Hi Bob, good question. First off congratulations for making the move to going full-time! I wish you the best.

    Well, the obvious answer from me, the author, is my book Start & Run a Landscaping Business. It will help a great deal with setting up your business and getting some systems going so you are running efficiently.

    Note that my book deals specifically with landscape maintenance. You mentioned that you do construction, so I'm not sure if you do maintenance as well. Anyway, if you do construction check out ‘How to Start a Home-Based Landscaping Business' by Owen Dell (0-7627-2482-X. He deals more with the construction side of things. I read his book as I researched my own and it is a great book, albeit it's just for construction, not maintenance.

    Start with one or both of these and you’ll be in good shape.

    Please post back how you are making out and let us know if we can help. Thanks for your question.
    Joel LaRusic
    Consultant/Author, Start & Run a Landscape Business

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