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    oh man, i hate when that happens, we where planning a radio type deal as well, though we probably would not have had it ready untill winter of 2006. it was gonna be a weekly deal, ahwell, will just have to come on your show a couple times.

    just dont do a landscape talk show
    or ill have to hurt someone

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    That's great! We will have to promote yours too. Ours is going to focus on business issues.

    Yea we would love to have you on ours

    Let us know what you think, when we get it online.
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      This is all very exciting!!!

      It is amazing all of the changes and advancements in the past 2 years for everyone.


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        I think we are taking the industry to the next step. The world of Landscaping, though machines have changed and are currently updated, has stayed pretty much exactly the same for generations. Its time we gave it a future, and I think that the only way to do that is to broaden horizons, to show the newcomers of the business that there is much more than cutting lawns. As gopher said, you can only get so much from a forum, The radio idea is great, I cant wait to let you guys see the advancements that 'The Landscaper' is going through. Keep up the creative thinking guys, oh, and I do have something in the works for Lawn Blog Ritchiem. Its just not done yet, its tough putting anything together this time of year. We have another new episode ready to go but our website still has the halloween teaser on the home page, where gettin there, and yes i saw the page, it looks great. Ill post my blog as soon as its ready.


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          This is a really great idea. Good on you Gopher for putting this together. It should be a great resource for the industry.

          Looking forward to the first episode!
          Joel LaRusic
          Consultant/Author, Start & Run a Landscape Business


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