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Before you consider opening a Quiznos

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  • Before you consider opening a Quiznos

    We often hear talk of people wanting to open up a franchised store. Quiznos is one of the fastest growing food franchise companies in the country at the moment. You may go to one of their seminars and feel hey $25,000 isn't that much to start a company. I think I'll do it.

    Well before you do, read this article.

    Fast-growing Quiznos stokes anger among franchisees
    Complaints range from exorbitant fees to poor sites

    "Quiznos claims to open a franchise every four hours **** or the time it takes to fly from Los Angeles to Chicago **** and sells them for $25,000, according to court documents. At the end of last year, the company had 1,457 franchisees that had not opened within a year of signing an agreement, according to a regulatory filing."

    Part of the franchise agreement says you must open your franchise within one year of signing. You must also get the approval from Quiznos for the site location which they can turn down. Last year the Quiznos corporation made over $36 million dollars from 1,457 new business owners who paid $25,000 but failed to open their franchise within a year of signing.

    It's no wonder the Quiznos company, which is up for sale now, could fetch as much as $2 billion.

    Before you jump into such business decisions. Think about it. Ask questions and plan. Don't be one of the 1,457 people who lost $25,000.
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