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  • Thank You Letters

    This question comes from Andre Horton. He asked for tips on thank you letters.

    The thank you letter is an important and often overlooked aspect of making your customers feel appreciated.

    Thank you notes or letters can be delivered at anytime. For example:

    - After a signing a new customer to a maintenance agreement
    - At the end of a season
    - After signing or completing a big job
    - After they have referred someone else to your company
    - Anytime you want to thank your customer or just remind them that you are still here

    Thank you notes should be brief and to the point. Consider a card or postcard to say thanks. The note may be accompanied by a small gift in special circumstances however do not include marketing material. It would seem like you are trying to sell them something under the pretense of doing something nice. The purpose of the thank you note is to do a nice thing for the sake of doing it so leave out the flyers or other advertisements. That being said there is nothing wrong with following up after a couple of weeks with some promotional material.

    The above information relates to a specific thank you note however always remember to thank you customers for their business is all your correspondence to them.
    Joel LaRusic
    Consultant/Author, Start & Run a Landscape Business

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    You could also make it a habit of sending out or dropping off a hand written card to each of your customers through out the season.

    Maybe keep it simple and say

    "Thank you for your business. I really appreciate it. Please keep in mind if you need to get in touch with me for any reason, please call. Also if you could, please pass on a few of my business cards to anyone you know who might need my services. I would be thankful for any referrals you could send my way.


    Then include three business cards along with the thank you card.
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      What my old software used to do, it was able to print "Drop-off" letters saying

      The services performed today "Insert date here, 2008"

      Service : "Insert service name here"

      Last date service performed : "Insert date here"

      And I left this at the customer's house


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