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    C.R. had the following questions about the business name and professionalism.

    Quote[/b] ] If you offer services like lawn maintenance, leaf removal, snow removal, power washing, etc should you stick to name like CR Outdoor Services or GrassMaster Lawn Care?
    Hey C.R.,

    Great question.

    Your name should reflect the work you do. So, if you are expanding your services you should advertise a name that indicates you do more that just grass. Nothing drastic - you could even say 'GrassMaster Property Maintenance' instead of 'GrassMaster Lawn Care'. So you're still GrassMaster but on your flyers, invoices and other stationary, you let people know that you offer these other services.

    Expanding into other services is a great idea. I hope it goes well! *
    Joel LaRusic
    Consultant/Author, Start & Run a Landscape Business

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