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How to learn the ropes of the business

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  • How to learn the ropes of the business

    Kevin is thinking about starting his own landscape maintenance business and asked the following question:

    Quote[/b] ]Really been thinking about this buisness after seven years in corporate America, Even thinking about getting a part time job to learn the ropes. *Would this be advantagous to possibly running a small maintenance buisness in the future?
    Hey Kevin,

    It is a huge advantage to know the technical details and some of the tips and tricks of the industry before starting your own business. A lack of this type of knowledge or failure to pay attention to details has killed many a business. I myself worked for a year before starting out on my own and can say it would have been extremely challenging without that experience.

    So work part time or find a friend or relative who is in the biz who can help train you... but training is a very good idea. As well, after a season in the field you may decide it's not for you and it's good to realize this before dropping 1000's on equipment, vehicles and stuff.

    My book is packed with great advice that you will find very valuable as you are starting out. Many of your questions will be answered... let us know if you have any other questions.

    Good luck with the dream!
    Joel LaRusic
    Consultant/Author, Start & Run a Landscape Business

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