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    I would like to use your logo design assistance. Is it still available?

    I would like to base my new logo on Odesign #37.

    The name of my business is "Pro-Vision Lawn Care"

    Our slogans are as follow: 1) Professional Lawn Care at Affordable Prices!; and 2) We Treat Your Yard Like It's Our Own!

    Our business number is 678-481-1306.

    I would like the name of the business and first slogan ("Professional Lawn Care...") to go at the top of the logo in yellow or red outlined in black. with the 2nd slogan, and phone number at the bottom of the logo.

    I want to use this logo for letterhead, statements, estimates, magnetic signs, etc. The color of our truck is metallic beige.

    I hope that you can help me.



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    Hi mamztc,

    I forwarded this to one of our designers and you should hear back from them shortly.
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      Hi mamztc,

      I am a designer who recently started working with Gopher, and this posting was forwarded to me. I can definitely help you with you logo design request. I can base the design on the one that you like, or I can come up with something that is totally new and would belong only to you, whichever is your preference.

      Just let me know exactly what you're looking for and how much you're looking to spend and we can take it from there. It would cost more for an original design than for one based on a logo already in the gallery, but obviously there are benefits: You'd have a logo like noone else's. We can get started as soon as we hash out those details.

      Hope to hear from you soon

      Jennae Petersen


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        I would really like to stick with developing the design that I mentioned in my first posting...

        I am just starting out in the business and am on a shoe string, I think I read on the original posting that gopher did about logos, that it is $39 to customize and use an existing design.

        Thanks for your help,



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