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Put 5 flies and 5 bees in a ......

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  • Put 5 flies and 5 bees in a ......

    In a book that was recently passed around the office, I believe it was In Search of Excellence by Tom Peters, the author discussed how if you took a glass jar and laid it on it's side with the closed end facing towards sunlight from a window and then filled the jar with 5 bees and 5 flies, the five bees would try as hard as they could to fly through the glass to the light until they ran out of energy and died, while the flies would bounce around the jar until they all found the opposite end open and fly out. The author went on to point out bees are supposedly more intelligent than flies yet they can't find their way out of this situation.
    Can you think of any business situations where the end result turned out badly because you out-witted or out smarted yourself by thinking you knew the way to handle it and were so focused on the one way that you didn't try any alternative ideas?
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