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  • Quality Lawn Care, A Gopher Business Profile

    Our heros have always been entrepreneurs or as we like to call them Gopher-preneurs. It takes a special kind of person to start a business, one who accepts their call to adventure. Running a business is never easy, but it does have advantages. In this article we get an inside look at Quality Lawn Care & Landscape Management. Their story is inspiring and just might get you to start your business.
    Quality Lawn Care & Landscape Management was created by Steve Krieger. This is his sixth year in business and he still is 17 years old! We are going to see big things from. Steve is a man on a mission. Recently he won our Gopher-preneur best use of a crew for advertising challenge. We asked Steve what is his 1 year business goal. He told us it was to have "up to 15 employees and 5 crews. 2 new trucks. shop built." WOW! Now that's a goal! Great job Steve, Go for it!

    Q - What got you started in business?
    A- The desire to work for myself, and not let someone make monet off my hardwork.

    Q - What did you do before you started your business?
    A - Worked for a pizza shop for 2 months, and a ski instructor (still doing it part-time for FREE skiing&#33

    Q - Years in business?
    A - 6

    Q - Business motto?
    A- The good things don't come for free. Work your butt off to make your dreams come true.

    Q - Biggest advantage/disadvantage of being your own boss?
    A - Advantage: Not having a boss
    Disadvantage: Never being able to get away.. The business is on your mind 24/7 365.

    Q - 1yr, 5yr and 10yr goal?
    A- 1yr. up to 15 employees and 5 crews. 2 new trucks. shop built.
    5yr. new house, 25 employees 8 crews. all new equip.
    10yr. 40 employees 12 crews. more trucks and equip.

    Q - How many years until you made your first profit?
    A- 4 years

    Q - Best decision you have ever made / worst?
    A - best. taking more work
    worst. not making enough time for myself and friends.

    Q - Greatest achievement so far / biggest regret?
    A - achievement .. getting jobs most people could only dream about
    regret.. waiting as long as I did to take the risk and go all out..

    Q - Toughest obstacle so far?
    A- Being young (17yrs old)

    Q - What makes your company stand out?
    A - Young crew who can produce quality work..

    Q - Why do you feel most new businesses fail?
    A - Don't know enough to run a business. Anyone can push a mower. It comes down to office skills and social skills when dealing with clients.

    Q - What is the most important business lesson(s) you have learned?
    A - Making your own hours is a myth. It will only happen if you don't have enough work!

    Q - If you could talk to someone just starting out, what advice would you give?
    A - Don't screw up and don't spend 100% of your money on one piece of equipment.

    Q - Finish this sentence: My dream is to.....?
    A - Own the biggest company within 100 miles of Rochester within 20 years.

    Q - Favorite musical artist?
    A - Kenny Chesney, Brooks & Dunn, Incubus

    Q - Do you vote, which party?
    A - No Politics are stupid

    Q - Who has influenced you the most?
    A - Local LCO's and other local business owners

    Q - If you could do anything right now, what would you be doing?
    A - Hanging out with my girlfriend on a beach in Flordia

    Q - Do you do anything to "give back to your community?" If so, what?
    A - Was an explorer with the Fire Dept. until I got kicked out for dropping out of school. I put in 15hrs a week min. up there and loved it..

    Q - Current pet project?
    A - Designing my house

    Q - Dream vacation spot?
    A - somewhere where my cell phone doesn't get a signal

    Q - Dream car?
    A - Ford F-350 King Ranch

    Q - What is your ultimate toy?
    A - one of those huge front end loaders

    Q - What’s next on your purchase wish list?
    A - Just ordered a 2004 Ford F-350 diesel. After that a LW bed shaper and more mowers.

    Our thanks and best wishes go to Steve Krieger and his company, Quality Lawn Care & Landscape Management. We hope this is your best year yet.

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