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    Business Profile Submission Questions - Please respond via email

    The goal of this article is to celebrate your achievements and success as well as promote your company and entrepreneurialism.

    We have included a bunch of questions you can respond to. Don't feel you have to respond to them all. This is supposed to be a fun and growing experience. We received a great response from our article post request and plan on taking the most insightful responses to create articles from. Our goal is to post the article(s) on our site and others, submit them to green industry publications as well as your local newspaper(s).

    Here are the questions. Feel free to write as much or little, as you want under each question.

    - Your Name
    - Company Name

    - What got you started in business?
    - What did you do before you started your business?
    - Years in business?
    - Business motto?
    - Biggest advantage/disadvantage of being your own boss?
    - Favorite entrepreneur and company? why?
    - 1yr, 5yr and 10yr goal?
    - How many years until you made your first profit?
    - Best decision you have ever made / worst?
    - Greatest achievement so far / biggest regret?
    - Toughest obstacle so far?
    - What makes your company stand out?
    - What is your favorite business book?
    - Why do you feel most new businesses fail?
    - What is the most important business lesson(s) you have learned?
    - What are your (1-10) business rules that you follow?
    - If you could talk to someone just starting out, what advice would you give?
    - Finish this sentence: My dream is to.....?

    - Favorite musical artist?
    - Do you vote, which party?
    - Who has influenced you the most? How so?
    - If you could do anything right now, what would you be doing?
    - Do you do anything to "give back to your community?" If so, what?

    - Current pet project?
    - Dream vacation spot?
    - Dream car?
    - What is your ultimate toy?
    - What’s next on your purchase wish list?

    -If there is anything you would like to tell us about you and your company that wasn't covered in our questions above, could you please tell us here?

    -Finally, if you use any Gopher products or services can you tell us how we have assisted you and your company?

    Can you please include any picture(s) that capture(s) the essence of you involved with your business, community and/or having fun. Also send us your logo. One of the things we promote is family – business – fun. We hope that your insight and story will ultimately inspire others to shoot for their dreams and while they are doing that, not forget the important things in their lives outside of work. As well as taking time to have fun.
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