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    Trump: The Art of the Deal

    Here is a reader's review of the book.

    "It's a book, not Mana. DO SOMETHING ELSE!, April 29, 2004
    Reviewer: A reader from Carson, CA USA
    I've been reading the reviews for this book from people who are either upset that trump actually talks about HIMSELF (duh), or upset that this book doesn't just hand them billions of dollars and some skyscrapers. This book should not be construed as a "how to" book, but as an inspiration for anyone who - idunno - wants to be successful in a capitalist society? Maybe you should go back to school and get a degree if you can instead of sitting on your rump watching "The Apprentice" every week TWICE. Think that might work? How about night school. How about learning a little more about whatever it is that interests you. I have a problem with seeing people talk about what they love doing and then they go and do it halfway. I'm into music, and I get tired of seeing people who love to sing or rap or what have you, but they only make music in their rooms with lackluster equipment to post on the web.

    The value of this book is that it teaches you to think big. It does that in the excerpts on the cover. Think a little bit beyond what you think is "reasonable" and you will get out of the corner you painted yourself into. Remember: we can't all be worth 5 billion dollars, but there should be nothing stopping you from being worth at least 3 quarters of a million by doing what you love. If it's music, aspire to be more than a musician and actually learn how to own your craft/label/copyrights/name/likeness, etc. If it's real estate, learn about "ground leases" and the like, pick up a book that teaches you about the ins and outs if you like reading so much. If it's medicine, try and figure out how to get into that profession, maybe you need to go back to school. I myself was in grad school with people on their second career: forty year olds in business or law school is not uncommon, for example. That's a quick way to a six figure salary, and if you have that, then you are where trump was when he graduated college (worth 200,000.00 only. I don't see where he so-called "inherited" all this money you naysayers say he did.) If you find a way to make a six figure income (and i've seen non-college graduaters do it), then you can live off of half of that after taxes and use the rest to create a market and a business enterprise to set you up for some of the good life. Donald trump is worth 5 billion. Personally, I don't WANT all of that. But I would like to know what kind of mentality it takes to be a "deal maker".

    It's the deal makers that make the money, not the people that go into work day after day doing the same thing on the clock, that's not going to lead you to wealth. Making a deal - whether it's negotiating the price for your home or your car (which he talks about and we can ALL learn from) or negotiating the cost for services from contractors or subcontractors on your project (in his case a building, or in my case an album) or what have you, learning the "art of the deal" IS DEFINITELY what will make you money in this deal-driven world.

    Also, pay attention to how he managed to make a ton of loot DURING FINANCIAL DOWNTURNS IN THE U.S. ECONOMY! That is VERY important.

    Did you people MISS ALL OF THAT??!? "
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    Here is a copy of the cover.
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      Here are Donald's 7 Rules of Success that you can read more about in his book.

      1. You have to be born with enough brainpower.

      2. Once you have that, you have to love what you are doing. I've never seen anyone succeed who didn't love what they were doing.

      3. You cannot stop. If there is a concrete wall in front of you, you have to go through it. You can never, ever give up or even think in terms of giving up.

      4. Confidence is a very important thing. But confidence isn't something you develop by saying "I'm going to do this or that." You really have to believe it.

      5. I love pitting people against each other. My whole life is based on that. It brings out the best in people and the worst in people. If the worst comes out, you don't want them working for you.

      6. You have to remain cool under fire and let the criticism roll off you. Good leaders handle conflict easily and bad ones are eaten up by it.

      7. You must work well with others and be loyal to your team. Disloyalty is the worst of all traits. I seldom use the words "You're Fired!" in business, unless somebody is really scum and stole from me.
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