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    I think i'm ready for you to go on our website! Here are some starters for you to run with.

    Top left of page: Four Seasons Lawn Service, I like the name in yellow and orange maybe with a border or high-light around it. Why don't you take a shot at what you think might look good.

    Home page:

    Welcome to the Four Seasons Lawn Service website!

    Our goal is to provide professional and affordable landscape maintenance service to both commercial and residential customers. Four Seasons Lawn Service specializes in all aspects of lawn and landscape maintenance. We specialize in medium size yards through the large exclusive estate properties and commercial market accounts.

    Our website is designed to explain our services to prospective customers, as well of a way to communicate with our existing customers. For those prospective customers, feel free to browse throughout our website. As you will see, we offer a wide selection of lawn care services. At Four Seasons Lawn Service we will keep your property looking its best all season long.



    When you need a company to take care of all your landscape needs, Four Seasons Lawn Service will be there for you to count on. Here you will find a list of services we provide.

    Lawn maintenance Sod installation
    (mowing, edging, etc) Sprinkler repairs
    Weed control Sprinkler blowout
    Fertization Shrub and hedge trimming
    Over seeding Tree pruning
    Core aeration Tree and shrub planting
    Leaf removal Flower bed maintenance
    Planting of perennial or annual flowers
    Mulch, bark and decorative rock installation
    Spring and fall cleanup

    This should get you started, more pages to follow.



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    Tiger, this design has been prepaid. I will email you further details.
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      Here is the index page.


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        548 Banner Concept


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          For the banner! How about if we drop the word "welcome" down below the line and put it on the right side of the page. Then take out the solid line and put the banner where the welcome and solid line were. The number in the banner should be 208 938-3104. Do you think the grass should be darker to match the house in the background?

          You have on a earlier post the service page information. We will also need a testimonials page.

          Here is the contact us page information.

          Contact us today if you would like to receive a free estimate for any of our landscape maintenance services.

          Telephone (208) 938-3104

          Fax (208) 938-3105


          Address Four Seasons Lawn Service
          Eagle, Idaho

          Any questions Tiger, shoot off a message.




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            The grass color in the banner is designed to work with the color of the left border, but I can change it if you want.



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              Hi TigerDezine,

              I just wanted to say great job so far on the site. It really looks fantastic.
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                Lets leave the green color in the banner as is.

                On the sample photo page we need to move the banner to the left. It does not look centered. Also, Steve sent you a e-mail about the pictures.

                About us page:

                First impressions are very important! That is why we want you to know all abount Four Seasons Lawn Service:

                ( Tiger maybe put these in two columns with bullets or do something you like )

                Professional and friendly team
                Personalized programs
                Outstanding service
                Quality workmanship
                Responsive to your needs
                Licensed and insured
                Well maintained commerical equipment

                Your home and its landscape are one of your biggest investments. We understand the importance of having your property look its best at all times.

                It can be difficult to find lawn and landscape service providers who you can trust and count on. Four Seasons Lawn Service is very serious when we say we are dedicated to pleasing you. Call or e-mail us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate.


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                  Testimonial Page:

                  Four Seasons realizes the importance of our customers. Ourloyal customers are why we are in business. Let us share some comments from a few of our long-time customers pertaining to the lawn care services they have received.

                  Persistent and caring! Lawns are mowed, trimmed and blown to perfection by Four Seasons. It's nice to drive by my investment properties and see that the landscaping is so well taken care of. I would recommend Four Seasons Lawn Service to everyone.

                  Jerry M. Giese
                  Giese Properties, Realty One Home Plus

                  Four Seasons Lawn Service has been taking care of my lawn, shrubs and tree's for three years. They are on time , thorough and considerate of the customers needs. They give 100%.

                  F. D. Cackett

                  I bought a place that has 40,000 square feet of lawn and over 300 trees and shrubs. I then decided to look for help. Luckily, shortly after my search began, I found a flyer in my mail from FOUR SEASONS LAWN SERVICE. A phone call later, and after 2 years of outstanding (andI do mean outstanding) professional lawn care by LARRY FLANSBURG AND HIS CREW, I could not be more pleased! Larry is the best of the best! And I haven't yet told him (don't want him to get "the big head"), but he even does it better than I could.

                  John Crouch


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                      Here are a few more changes:

                      Where ever we have the name four seasons lawn service or four seasons would you make it bold and in italic. Its ok to leave the block letters in yellow in the house picture.
                      Also would you put the phone number at the bottom of each page in the center.

                      Welcome Page

                      Move the word website! under welcome. It does not look right off by its self way under the house.

                      Last sentence: We specialize in servicing various property sizes from medium size yards to the large exclusive estate properties and commercial market accounts.

                      2nd paragraph 1st sentence change: as well of a way to communicate as well as a way to communicate

                      2nd paragraph 2nd sentence change: For those prospective customers, For prospective customers,


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                        Here are the rest of the pages.

                        About us

                        The word commercial=spelling

                        Move telephone number to center at bottom


                        When you need a company to take care of all your
                        Change to:
                        When you need a company to take care of all of your

                        Telephone centered at bottom of page


                        Last word in 1st paragraph take out period and space end with colan. received:

                        Add Boise, ID. under Giese Properties

                        2nd testimonial

                        The word tree's should be trees. The next sentence, They are on time, take out space before comma
                        later on in same sentence customers should be customer's

                        under F.D. Cackett put Boise, ID.

                        3rd testimonial

                        4th line and after 2 years take the extra space out after years

                        Next in same sentence need a space between and I in the brackets

                        LARRY FLANSBURG AND HIS CREW, take out the coma and put a period

                        John Crouch
                        Eagle, ID.

                        Put telephone number centered at bottom of page

                        Contact Us

                        Would you put the ***** after:

                        Mailing Adress :

                        Email :

                        No telephone at bottom of this page

                        I think thats it for the changes.

                        Thank You



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                            One last change!

                            Testimonials ( John Crouch )

                            and his crew, put the comma instead of a period.

                            Thanks, I'll look it over one more time but I think we have got it.




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                              Your site is complete I put it up on your main page.


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