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Half year mark review.

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    I wish I could say the economy....but I doubt it is.

    I think it's the free goodies from the government. Some applicants won't even show up to an interview, leave the wrong numbers on applications, or go ghost when you email them. As long as they can get unemployment, why work another job? I had 2 employees quit last year, both applied for unemployment this year. Needless to say I will be fighting it.

    With unemployment, obamacare, food stamps, housing, phones, soon-to-be cable/internet, these people are making out like bandits and make them not want to work.

    It's a real problem.
    BAM! You hit that nail dead on! Kudos! I think all government subsidies/social programs need to be terminated. They have enabled the populous to decline in self sufficiency and independence. Maybe I just need to run for president. I could end all social programs by executive order.


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      I think the culture of the Gen-X/Millennial generations despises any non-white collar job, especially those where one will sweat and get dirty. Fact is, they really don't know what they're missing. Any of us here who have worked this trade know about all the perks that come with it. The experiences are quite enriching (at least for me). One will gain more knowledge, and have a better understanding of life/it's nuances working in this field vs. any other job IMHO. I did the white-collar thing and got bored with it. Long live grounds care!
      I could repeat this verbatim. Especially the first part. This business is therapeutic for me, only wish I started it 20 %$@#! years ago. Try it in the Houston humidity. I seriously may let my wife talk me into moving to Wisconsin, then I can snow blow in the Winter woohoo!

      Not to mention drink beer and snowmobile after the job. WI peoples are a friendly bunch.


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        Do you feel that is a sign the economy is picking up and there are more jobs available or are people just not looking for work?
        Ya know what I hear all the time Steve? "My yard guy just stopped showing up!"



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          Ya know what I hear all the time Steve? "My yard guy just stopped showing up!"
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