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    I'm just starting in the Lawncare business, wondered if giving package deals are a good way to get started to build up clientele?

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    Welcome, what are considering as a package deal?
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      I do package deals...lawn cutting/clean-ups and edging are in if needed are included in our basic package, and we can add more services if they want us to. Weeding or maintaining flower beds and hedge trimming etc, you can mix and match or what ever the customer wants. Its worked well for me.


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        Offer a basic service, for a fair price. Mow, trim edge concrete, blow. If they have defined flowerbeds edge them. Once you get started you do your best to remember that the neighbor who sees the yard is your next possible customer, so make him want you.
        You do this by making each yard as beautiful as possible.
        I get asked about things like mulching flower beds, pressure washing etc from my current customers. I give them the price I charge everyone and then tell them because they are a customer the price for them is less. Not a lot I still have to make money.
        I also try and up sell by saying things like those beds would a lot better if you mulched them, My regular price would be xx but for you its xx.
        Believe me when I tell you that people talk, good and bad. hey my guy did this doesn't it look great, or I have got find new guy this idiot is trashing my lawn.


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          If you want to create different packages that include different services, sure try it out. The price will have to differ per customer though.

          When you are just getting started, it's better to just focus on the basic services. Get a good understanding on how to do them and price them so you can make a profit. Look for upsells you can point out to the customer while you are on their property. As you go you may feel more comfortable in putting together packages because you have gotten some feedback about what the customers are looking for.
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