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  • Gas Protest?

    What do you figure you are spending a day now for gas?

    Sullivan business owner plans gas price protest - Earl Humphreys’ fuel bill tallies up to $120 per day, supplying his fleet of lawn mowers, weed eaters and landscaping equipment. The spike in fuel prices has really hurt his wallet.
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    Ouch. I regularly spend $50 a day. Not everyday, but sometimes at least once per week.
    I think everyone should try to do something, instead of just complaining. The only question is what is our options?
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      WOW!, mine goes around $50 a week, just working 2 days. I was telling my wife that this is a though season for New Guys/start ups, cuz the gas prices are going up every day. and with a bounch of all others that want to start a LC business, we all want our cut! so we all are charging less and less money, cuz think about it, gas prices sky high (we all get hurt), groceries, people layoff from their jobs, homes in foreclosure, paying a guy to mow the yard for $60month isnt really a priority, so we have to work a lot harder and don't give up.
      I know that I sound like I'm complaining Brandon, but what can we do?
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