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  • Looking for a GOOD ROUTE PLANNER.

    I am tired or running in circles, Having my wednesday route cross paths with mondays etc.... etc....

    I am looking for some software I can use to load all my stops for the week & let it figure out the most effecient line of travel.... I've seen a few that kinda work, but most have a limit of 5-10 locations on a route. I expect to be at 15-20 per day this summer. I need to get organized before I'm too busy to do anything about this problem.


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    I've used Microsoft Streets and Trips to plan out routes. It's a great program and allows you to set certain parameters like how fast you travel over the speed limit to give you an estimate of driving time. It can also calculate your gas costs if you input your fuel economy and local gas prices.

    I don't know about taking all your stops and dividing them into seperate routes, but it will give the fastest route order for whatever you put in, so I guess you could divide it up from there.


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      I too use MS streets and trips:

      Export your active customer list from gopher
      open S&T
      click on data / import data wizard
      find your customer.txt file and click on ok
      file should be comma delimited
      follow the prompts and then all your stops will be marked as push pins

      click on route planner
      then click the down arrow next to route planner and select "legend overview"

      You should see "Custlist" - right click to add pushpins as stops.

      optimize your route and get directions
      break up stops as needed and your done.

      We also use a gps in the truck and get coordinates from google earth before we leave. Gopher has a lat and long area on the customer info screen that prints to the route sheet.

      For you guys wondering if your drivers are spending too much time at 7-eleven and not working, try
      we use the pro version and it keeps everybody honest.
      also documents time and date of stop so your non growing grass customers cant say you weren't there when you were!

      Need more info?
      Email me



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        Dave, Thanks for the tip on MS streets & trips. I bought the 08 version yesterday. I haven't tried it yet but will tonight.

        Tom, Thanks a TON for that little tip!!!!! I figured I'd have to type them all out, I had no idea thay could be imported. WHAT A TIMESAVER!

        Once again, this site has proven a huge help for me.


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          Side note......
          I also picked up a program called My Logomaker at staples,
          I has some versatility, (I'm sure not like a pro program). I was able to recreate a logo pretty close to the text & grass image I have on my trailer (I can't reach the guy that did the vinyl work for me). Here it is.


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            Here is another I came up with by altering a template the program had & playing with the colors & fonts. I like it but I'm not re-doing my trailer & my biz cards and all that, so I'm staying with the other one.


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              Quote[/b] ]
              Tom, thx for the great info.

              I have been using Garmin GPS products for the last several years. My units have displays on the units themselves.

              GPS units mounted on wide area lawn mowers and crew trucks do not need display output. I am going to try a trackstick as a test.

              Their website does not have ordering availability. Mind if I ask where you purchased yours?


              Start a profitable lawn care business.


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                I bought my trackstick pro off Ebay.

                The pro model can be hardwired.

                I am tracking drivetime, jobtime, screwoff time, total mileage
                speed and route of travel

                Great tool for keeping the crew honest!


                P.S. - Loved reading your book!


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